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Looking for a Pupitar in the current moment.... Larvitar is also fine too.

Friend Code: 4313-3105-3965
I know it's kind of unrelated to the forum topic, but this is the closest topic to the topic of my question...

It's a little bit early, but it never hurts to be early, so..

This summer I plan to offer dog-sitting services on my own, it's just going to be me and I don't plan on making it an official business, I'll keep it more like a private activity between me and the clients to earn some pocket money. I have dog-sitted some of relatives' pets before and I think I have some experience to pet-sit. The thing is, I don't really know if there should be special requirements for setting up such services, or anything regarding to the fees and how much should I charge, or maybe things like what I should declare to the owner prior to accepting them as a client, or if there's a few general questions to be asked before I sit their dog (things like does the dog have special requirements, etc.)

I plan to do come to the client's house daily, for however as long or as often as the client wants me to. So a suggestion on the hourly rate would be nice.

I would also like to know the general idea of dog-sitting activities. Something like what I should do in general, besides feeding and taking care of the dog, playing with the dog, and taking it to walks.

Thanks in advance!
Draw It Again Meme: I Miss Being Assembled WIP by PATotkaca
Draw It Again Meme: I Miss Being Assembled WIP
Credit to Bampire for the meme although honestly I had to make my own so that the layout is suitable, but hey, if he/she didn't make it, I wouldn't have had the idea so, yes.

2012 is a long time ago, and I Miss Being Assembled is what I drew in 7th grade. I'm now in 10th grade, which is 3 years difference and I have to say that I improved a lot (I can now draw noses more properly :iconawesomeplz: and I now draw somewhat more proportionally and more human-like figures, which is kind of awesome but that means I can't fit in as much stuff anymore :u. I'll have to be conceited for a moment because I'm actually amused with my progress, makes me wonder if one day I'll draw all-realistic which I'm not able to achieve these long years.

Anyhow, enjoy.
As for me, my partner and I crushed an opponent in a debate tournament, so we got that going for us which is really nice.

A number of bad things... but let's not do that

What's yours?
The Kings of Middle Earth by PATotkaca
The Kings of Middle Earth
I saw The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies some two weeks ago, and in contrast of my inactivity for the last 1.5 years, I'm actually proud that I managed to finish something during my school's Winter Break. Moving on...

As for the movie itself, I would say that it's okay-good quality-wise, but despite its quality, I liked it quite a lot and saying that I don't like it would make me a hypocrite. Although masses of people across the web find this movie particularly not amusing because Peter Jackson was just trying to exploit money, it's stretched out, etc. I think the fact that 3 full-length movies can be made out of a single children's book amused me. I agree that it's not the best movie, and I do agree that this is unmatchable to LotR, but it entertained me for 2 hours so that was good :)

The thing that I liked is how they made Bilbo more hero-like, which is a good take to make the movie more interesting, rather than doing what the book told us: (SPOILER ALERT) Bilbo bumped his head onto a rock, fell unconscious, knew nothing more, aaand... the war was over and Thorin died. That would've made the movie significantly shorter and much less exciting. I kind of liked how the filler stories are seamed quite fine and there was a bit of suspense when Azog was floating around. Also, elves never fail to amuse me. just look at Legolas, climbing up the falling bricks to save himself from falling.

What I don't like is how they put the climax for the second movie in the beginning. I hated that. I felt like it's all full of tension and climax-y right at the start, and the tension just rolled off a cliff for the next two hours. Not even the battle scene can bring the tension up again. That decision to make a climax right at the beginning was a crime and for the rest of the movie, there was no great thrill anymore.

Nevertheless, I was entertained to the point where I felt that I had to draw something, which is nice.

Actually these two fragments are a half of a page, but I don't think I have enough dedication to draw a full page as I'm stuck on the third box with Bilbo on it and nothing for the background... Help me.
Was opening deviantART today... and the interface totally changed.. what is this.. where is everything... I think during this past few months deviantART has been undergoing unusual changes... :l Hashtags and whatnot.. I want the old version.. TvT


PATotkaca's Profile Picture
Christina Patricia
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hello, my name is Patricia, but I use "PATotkaca" as my alias just about anywhere on internet, except Facebook. I'm 14 years old and I'm from Indonesia. Drawing is one of my hobbies, aside from fishkeeping, browsing, and watching movies day and night. I do it in my past time, most of them are just scribbling, though. Scribbling randomly is much more fun than planned drawing to me. I hope for your support, everybody :D Please feel free to have a conversation with me, I'll always be hoping to have new friends here :)

Real-life friends on deviantART:
:bulletgreen::iconm0emo3: /:icontramonca:
~m0emo3 also known as ~Tramonca
:bulletblue::iconyuzunechii: :bulletblack: :iconbl4ckc4t13:
~YuzuneChii and ~Bl4ckc4t13
:bulletred::iconhanoru: :bulletwhite::iconhotaru160899:
~Hanoru and ~Hotaru16081999

Tools Commonly Used:
A4 Lyra Sketching Paper, Kurutoga Mechanical Pencil, SakuraFoam Eraser, Faber Castell Watercolor Colored Pencils, Sakura Koi Brush Pens
Softwares Used:
Windows Scanner Wizard, Photoshop CS6
Drawing Type:
Manga style, Traditional


Open Point Commissions (Traditional Only)Recently my friends, :iconm0emo3: and :iconhanoru: opened up point commissions. So I think, why not give it a shot? First of all, I'm sorry I haven't uploaded stuff in a while.. I've got some stuff in my book but I haven't found the time to scan it yet... And an important note to all of those who are interested to commission me, please remind me daily or give me a deadline, I'm pretty forgetful... and please be detailed about the drawing you want. Before I start with the prices, I'd like to say I can't send the original papers through mail due to some certain reasons, including money.. And since I'm pretty much new.. I think it's wise to cut the price...
I will draw:
Animals, people (preferably males, long haired females are much troublesome to me)
I won't draw:
Sexual, Hentai, Yaoi/Yuri stuff.
And please note that I'm not very goodt at drawing mechanical things, panoramic backgrounds, and stuff.. But if you really want it, I'll go all out with all of my best, and for me this is also a


My birthday badge

My favorite actor is RDJ
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And here's some random stuff
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Journal History

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Multi Character Full Color Drawings (More Complex BG)
To Mars Without Fund XD by PATotkaca
Les Miserables - Happy New Year! by PATotkaca
Stark Airlines by PATotkaca
Request: Legolas - for Hanoru by PATotkaca
Will do for full-colored drawings with a more complex background or an almost full color with some borders on the background. I will draw 5 characters as for the base price, but if you want more, I can fit more in with an addition of 40 :points: a character :)

I will not do:
Yaoi/Yuri, or hentai stuff
Sexual stuff

I might do (If I like the idea):
Mecha stuff
Scenic background kind of stuff

*Note: I have to increase price because I use copics now and they're plenty times more expensive than my previous medias :) If you want me to use color pencils I can try, just note me!
Multiple Characters w/ Simple/No Background
Mugiwara Kazokudan by PATotkaca
Iron Man 3 by PATotkaca
Choose up to 5 characters, any character will do. OCs will also do :) You can add additional characters up to 9 characters per piece for 10 :points: each. Provide me with reference(s), and a description of the character's behaviors that you want me to draw. Please be clear about the layout also, and tell me whether you want a simple background or no background at all :)

Please no:
- Ecchi/Hentai
- Yaoi/Yuri

Things I'll still consider (Different fee applies):
- Weird creatures (Depending on how weird they are :) )
- Mechanical Stuff (Depending on how complicated they are)
Point Commission: Single/Double Characters w/ Full Background
Trafalgar Law by PATotkaca
Tony Stark by PATotkaca
You can choose any characters (maximum of 2, 3 goes to the multi-character ones :D) from any shows, games, or even OCs. Provide with references, and describe about the expressions, character's behavior that you want me to draw, etc so that I can draw exactly what you want :boogie:!

Please no:
- Ecchi/Hentai
- Yaoi/Yuri

Things I'll still consider (Different fee applies):
- Weird creatures (Depending on how weird they are :) )
- Mechanical Stuff (Depending on how complicated they are)
Point Commission: Single/Double Characters w/ Simple/No Background
How Do I Do At School by PATotkaca
Science Brothers by PATotkaca
Commission for AnimeM43: HAC by PATotkaca
Happy 12th Birthday deviantART!! by PATotkaca
Tony Stark by PATotkaca
You can choose any characters (Maximum of 2 Characters, 3 or more goes to multi-character category :D). Then, please provide me with references, and description about how you want them to look like, what they're doing and stuff. Also the layout and whether you want a simple background or no background at all.

Please no:
- Ecchi/Hentai
- Yaoi/Yuri

Things I'll still consider (Different fee applies):
- Weird creatures (Depending on how weird they are :) )
- Mechanical Stuff (Depending on how complicated they are)
Point Commission: Animals w/ Full Background
A Sorrowful Life by PATotkaca
Dogvengers Assemble! by PATotkaca
The "Animals" category also applies to Pokemons and creatures alike. Give me a reference to the animal you want me to draw, how many of them, what do you want them to be doing and stuff like that. Also, describe the background to me :)

Please no:
- Ecchi/Hentai
- Yaoi/Yuri

Things I'll still consider (Different fee applies):
- Weird creatures (Depending on how weird they are :) )
- Mechanical Stuff (Depending on how complicated they are)
Point Commission: Animals w/ Simple/No Background
Sherdog Holmes and Dogtor John Watson by PATotkaca
Bearded Dragon - Pen and Ink by PATotkaca
Aquos Ref Sheet by PATotkaca
 Choose up to 2 animals. Provide references and describe how you want them to be drawn, this includes expression, poses and activities it will be drawn doing. Tell me also how you want the background to be done, whether it's done simply or no background at all :)

*Please note that even though it's on examples, I don't do pen and ink anymore :) Thanks for understanding!

Please no:

Things I'll still consider (Different fee applies):
- Weird creatures (Depending on how weird they are :) )
- Mechanical Stuff (Depending on how complicated they are)


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